The Return of a Philosophy

After more than half a year of catastrophic football under Peter Stöger, Lucien Favre’s arrival means there is once again an aesthetic style of play in Dortmund. We will take a look at the Swiss and see how the BVB players are doing. The Darling of Goalimpact What do you associate with Lucien Favre? Looking at his career, many ‘smaller’ clubs immediately stand out, with … The Return of a Philosophy weiterlesen

El Rondo – More than a Training Drill. Part 2.

El Rondo in Practice ‘Everything that goes on in a match, except shooting, you can do in a rondo. The competitive aspect, fighting to make space, what to do when in possession and what to do when you don’t have the ball, how to play one-touch football, how to counteract tight marking and how to win the ball back.’ – Johan Cruyff The rondo can … El Rondo – More than a Training Drill. Part 2. weiterlesen

Hamburg’s new Sergio Ramos

HSV are probably one of the most interesting teams in Germany. Since Christian Titz took charge, they have been continually developing into a possession-based team. Titz has been gradually implementing new systems, a better structure, more aggressive pressing and a bold approach in playing out from the goalkeeper. Despite their relegation, HSV has not had to deal with the typical departures relegated sides usually face. … Hamburg’s new Sergio Ramos weiterlesen

El rondo – More than a training drill. Part 1.

Four blue cones mark a small square on the pitch. Inside the square there are 11 football players. Two of them try relentlessly to win the ball back, but just before they can reach it, it is passed on. The atmosphere is exuberant. The cheering seems to know no bounds as the goalkeeper plays the ball through the legs of one of the approaching players. … El rondo – More than a training drill. Part 1. weiterlesen

Discussing the pass

For a while, we have wanted to offer more articles on training on TheFalseFullback. I have volunteered as a coach for my hometown club for three years in the district league, training the U13s for two years and the U14s for one year. I have made some mistakes myself and seen many more mistakes made by coaches when putting their training sessions together. That is … Discussing the pass weiterlesen